Hello Everyone,
I have finished an article for the club to review, but I had a thought I wanted to share first. I think the best thing about Boxing-Central was that there were several articles to post about at all times. I was thinking that one thing we could do to make this "club" better was to have several new articles to post on at all times. I propose that instead of posting just one article every week or so, we should all strive to write articles whenever possible. I have taken the liberty to write 2 articles, I will post them both, and we'll see how we like multiple comments. Don't hesitate to stress a disliking to something. The only way to achieve greatness is through trial and error. I will end this post by encouraging everyone to post whenever they have a comment, and if you write an article you can email it to me necrogenic1@hotmail.com or to SAL salvitore@yahoo.com. Thanks.

Posted by DjNecrogenic aka Mike

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