Chance Of A Lifetime 

Chance Of A Lifetime

Dave "Kid Dynamite" Walker challenges for Roman Karmazines European Light Middleweight Championship Belt

On October 4th David Walker will face the toughest test of his career when he takes on Roman "Made In Hell" Karmazine for the European Light Middleweight Belt. But it is a challenge Walker feels ready to accept, and after his exciting clash with Spencer Fearon a couple of months ago, we can be sure of another cracker on the 4th.
I don't think I am unfair in saying that the durable Kamazine is relatively untested, he has faced just one world class opponent, Javier Castillejo, and lost a lopsided Unanimous Decision, and was dropped once, despite the fact that Castllejo is not a big puncher. His last fight however was a resounding stoppage of the highly rated Michael Rask.
Doubtless to say that Castillejo has been in with a higher calibre of opposition than Walker, and the big punching Russian, who can claim20 knockouts from 30 wins, may test Walkers chin. We know that walker can afford to get hit by the likes of Spencer Fearon, but will he get up if Roman Karmazine smacks him like Fearon did.
If Walker wants to win this fight, and I think there is a chance he can, in boxing there is always a chance, then he will need to be a different fighter than he was when he fought Spencer Fearon. I believe that David Walker has a lot of talent and is blessed to be able to showcase his skills on this level.
This isn't a fight Walker necessarily needs to win to come out of looking good. A performance with heart (which of course he will give in no short supply) would still stand him in good stead as far as the world or European scene goes.
I think given the level of opposition that Walker has faced, few people will expect him to win this fight, despite his 19(9)-1-1 record, its unclear whether Walkers power at domestic level will carry through to European level, indeed it would seem that he only has a punchers chance.
Karmazine would do well not to take Dave Walker lightly however, he should know that Walker is as erratic as he is determined, and he may just choose October 4th toproduce the performance of his career, and as John Humphrey found out, as Spencer Fearon found out, and as Roman Karmazine may still find out, in David Walker you deal with an unknown quantity, and Kid Dynamite can definitely explode.
Looking at the fight objectively, Walker is the clear underdog, and it's doubtful that he will last the distance. Looking at things through my own eyes, I think Walker can do it, I think Walker will do it, and even if he doesn't I'll be cheering and encouraging this brave, big hearted young man, I urge all boxing fans to do the same.

Article by GotSugar

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Comment Well, it ended like the pundit in me thought it would, an early stoppage down to a combination of things, Walker lacked the size or power to trouble Karmazin, Karmazin was a big puncher with enough power to hurt Walker seriously, the occasion got to Walker who hadn't fought on anything other than an area level before, and simply, he was outclassed. David Walker gave it his best, he was knocked down, but he kept getting up, and against the hard hitting karmazin that takes some bottle. Walker might not have lasted three rounds, but he certainly hasn't let anybody down, least of all his fans, and I for one am not ashamed to admit that as a British fight fan I shed a tear for him. God Bless him and I hope he is back in the ring soon, there is still a lot he can achieve on the domestic scene, and I think that only in his mid twenties he still has a lot of learning and development ahead of him. Luke

Sun Oct 5, 2003 2:35 pm MST by GotSugar

Comment first time i seen Karmazine and can say i was very very impressed. can see why he was DLH's mandatory. Was like watching a child walk into a threashing machine. Fair play to Walker but he was well out of his depth. Just watched Holyfield Toney fight and are shocked as hell Toney stopped this guy. Is it me or is Toney a hall of famer now looking to make a serious dent in the heavyweight division. He has looked awsome in his last two now against great competition (Holyfield as first opponent at heavyweight can't be knocked). Guy

Sun Oct 5, 2003 7:28 am MST by Mr G

Comment This fight could b an absolute massacre! Fairplay to walker for taking it, we know he's got a pair. Shame tho, I really dont think it will b enough. Is anyone else appreciating Hennessay promotions? I think he's done a brilliant job over the past year. Always fun to see Warren panic bout the competition. - STEVO

Sat Oct 4, 2003 8:14 am MST by STEVO

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